Our Approach

We look for companies that are capable of playing a disruptive role in emerging, high growth markets, led by talented management teams who have already demonstrated outstanding execution skills in similar capacities, with a clear vision and long term commitment to the success of this venture.

Blade typically joins syndicated financings with other leading venture capital firms.  We actively seek the lead investor position in deals if the business has strategic importance to our portfolio interests, and where we believe that our active participation as the lead is in the best interest of the company.  Each investment opportunity that we evaluate undergoes a rigorous review process.

A typical initial investment for Blade Ventures is expected to fall within a range of $250,000 to $1.5 million, although we also make other sized investments.   We work with company management to attract other high profile venture investors when larger amounts of capital are required.  

For later stage investments, where a portfolio company has already achieved financial stability, we focus on opportunities that have potential to be industry leaders and offer sustained growth through an expected exit. 

We work with each management team to maximize opportunity for growth through entrepreneurial guidance.  Every situation is different and our efforts are tailored to support the needs of the portfolio company.  We can help portfolio companies with everything from hiring key managers and engaging contract resources overseas, providing marketing and operational guidance, to negotiating key relationships and positioning for further financing or exits.  We will also provide operational consulting services in certain circumstances either directly or through a partner relationship. 

Blade will consider opportunities from any region of the United States but prefers investments in companies that are geographically easy to reach (i.e., drive or nonstop flight from Orange County, CA).

Initial Assessment. An initial review of the business model, addressable market and management team.  If the opportunity fits our investment model due diligence is initiated.

Stage 1 Due Diligence. A detailed analysis of the market, technology, business model, and financials. The Company will usually meet twice with Blade Ventures by the end of this process.  If Blade decides to continue, stage 2 due diligence is initiated.

Stage 2 Due Diligence.  A detailed review of management, intellectual property, competition, return on investment, and customer reference calls/visits. The negotiation of terms and formation of an investment syndicate is completed.

Final Due Diligence. A comprehensive review of transaction documentation, corporate governance, and other legal due diligence. A decision is made on whether to proceed to closing.

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