Affiliates & Teaming

Submit Business Plan:

The vast majority of business plans that we evaluate come through our referral network.  If you wish to submit a business plan outside our referral network to be reviewed for funding, please email it to  and follow-up with a mail to our office listed on the contact us page.

Be sure your submission covers the following:

• An executive summary of your product or service
• An analysis of your target market, including what you consider to be your addressable market
• An analysis of your competition
• A description of your business model and enabling technology
• Bios of key management and board members
• Financial information

Affiliate Network:

Blade is an active participant in key organizations throughout the venture capital industry, ensuring that it remains current on seed and early stage investing opportunities.

Our partner network includes prominent technology entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals and offices, and alternative asset focused investment teams.  Our partners sometimes invest directly in selected opportunities, and they can share in research and diligence materials regarding those opportunities.

Our venture affiliates are entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and operating partners who actively participate in sourcing and evaluating new opportunities, raising funding for those opportunities, and in providing management consulting for those opportunities.   

Our research affiliates are university professors, investment consultants, business school graduates, and others who contribute research on selected areas of interest. 

If you would like to send your resume for consideration as a venture affiliate, please e-mail us at:

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